TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists - Special Sale Edition!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists - Special Sale Edition!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists - SALE EDITION!

The first workshop ever offered on DVD by renowned found-object artist Keith Lo Bue, TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists will give you practical, detailed and intimate demonstrations of drilling, shaping and finishing a whole host of materials used for art-making, including metal, wood, plastic, mica, bone, stone, glass, ceramic and shell, safely and efficiently.

Learn in plain and easy-to-follow detail the proper tool to use for each material. In addition, the amazing jewelers saw will also be explored, with careful instruction on how to work with it and understand its basics.

DVD Features Include:

• Five in-depth lessons covering: Comprehensive Drilling through multiple materials (2 lessons) / The Cut-Off Wheel / The Jewelers Saw demystified / Lo Bue’s tool recommendations

• On Tools and Inspiration: An affectionate journey through Keith’s workshop as he discusses his favorite tools and reflects on the special role tools play in his creative life and art.

• Bonus Film Previews: Trailers for Lo Bue’s other acclaimed films about creativity and art

“Filmed in my studio in Sydney, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a chair at my side as we thoroughly explore the world of the most crucial tools for makers of small objects, assemblage and mixed-media jewelry.

“Whether you’re a beginner in creative exploration, or an old hand looking to get some great new insights into your tools, this workshop is packed with great tips, information – and many of my own low-tech variations on traditional methods – that will enhance your own creative path.” – Keith Lo Bue

So join Keith for the workshop that’s been called “the key to unlocking creativity” (P. Haddock) - and unlock your own!

Video preview can be seen here:

188 minutes on one DVD-R

Regular Price for the deluxe-packaged version of this set is $249 - so this is a big savings that has never been offered before to the public!