STEELING BEAUTY: Chains, Clasps & Forms in Steel Wire - The Complete Workshop in HD Video Files!

STEELING BEAUTY: Chains, Clasps & Forms in Steel Wire

Available at long last to buy for the first time!

• The complete 8-hour workshop in 1080p hi-definition video files
(Files are .mp4 format, widely compatible across platforms)
• Custom-made and artist-signed & etched rock-maple-housed thumb drive, in protective maple case
• Full-color PDF booklet with workshop listing, Q&A and more
• Trailers for Keith's many other workshops and art-related videos

In the search for interesting materials with which to create, the greatest surprises can come from the most unexpected quarters. Take, for example, a cheap, ubiquitous and unassuming roll of steel wire, sold for use in the construction industry…

With some simple tools and layman-ready information, this mundane material comes thrillingly to life. Super-strong, versatile and - best of all - beautiful, this amazing wire can perform like no other material can.

Join internationally-known artist and found-object 'stuffsmith' Keith Lo Bue as he delves into the world of steel wire creativity. Whether you're interested in jewellery, sculpture, mixed-media, textiles or any number of other creative pursuits, STEELING BEAUTY will provide in-depth information and instruction on safely, efficiently and properly working with and caring for this magic stuff.

Learn in detail how to create chains, links, bails, clasps, structural forms and more. Filmed in Lo Bue's Sydney studio, you'll feel like you have a benchside seat from the comfort of your own home.

No previous metals experience necessary, just enthusiasm and the desire to learn.

Create beautiful things with steel wire from one of the artists responsible for bringing it to a mainstream audience and making it such a popular alternative to precious metals.