Steel Wire - 16 gauge (1.57mm)

Steel Wire - 16 gauge (1.57mm)

16 gauge (1.57mm) dark annealed steel wire

As maddeningly elusive in some areas as it is easy to find in others, this is the magic stuff that I've been teaching others to use for the past two decades!

Non-galvanized, dead-soft steel wire that is a wonder to work with. Chains, forms, mechanisms, structures - all brilliant uses for this industrial wire. Its strength is more than matched by its beauty!

Spool is approx. 400grams in weight (for cheaper shipping)

NOTE: This size wire is sold on the site mainly for those in AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND who have problems sourcing it. In the US, this 're-bar wire' is found in almost every hardware store and should be purchased there. The heavy weight would make shipping to the US extremely expensive and unnecessary.