Rivet-Making Steel Hand Vise - 4"

Here it is, folks. I've FINALLY managed to source hand vises that are SUPERB for making rivets in steel, brass, copper as well as precious metals.

Although I've stocked up on these tools specifically for my new 'GETTING ATTACHED' online workshop (starting in July of this year), they can be used by anyone working with the steel wire from my other classes.

This hand vise can be purchased instead of a bench-mounted vise for rivet making.

The jaw is built in such a way as to minimize the slippage that can occur with so many of these types of hand vises. In my experience, about one in eight brands of hand vise can work well with harder wires. This is the reason I'm so excited to bring these to you. They work, and well.

Note: The vise is painted bright lipstick red, and this is done in the factory to keep the steel vise from oxidizing. When you begin using it, the red paint will chip off around the top of the vise and in the jaws - THIS IS NORMAL and part of the breaking-in of your swell new tool!

NOTE: The cost of shipping is just that - the cost of shipping. It weighs about 260grams (about 1/2 lb.). I don't charge any more than it costs me to get it to you. :)