Object Lessons Kit

Object Lessons Kit
On sale

For those who don’t have many of the tools for working with found objects, I’m offering a 'starter-pack' kit that will include many essential tools and materials to get you up and running in the Object Lessons workshop! This is a discounted price from buying them separately.

Included in the kit:
• Steel Hand-Vise
• Mini Linesman plier
• Large Round Nose plier
• Extra-wide handmade bench pin
• Memory-Wire Shear Cutter
• Slim-line Centre-punch
• Special Capped Glue Syringe (to fill with specific glue on list)
• Roll of 18 gauge (1mm) steel wire
• Roll of 20 gauge (.8mm) steel wire
• Vintage Paper Pack (19th-century - and earlier - misc paper)
• Perfect Wire Brush
• Miniature Archimedes ‘Pin’ Drill
• Miniature Drill Bits with Case
• Reinforced Cutoff Wheel (3)
• Set of mini Diamond Bits/Burrs