Miniature Archimedes "Pin" Drill

Designed thousands of years ago, this tiny Archimedes drill uses tiny jeweler's drill bits (#61-80) to put incredibly small holes in metal, wood, plastic, bone, bookboard, leather, mica and a million other materials. Perfect if you are sewing an object onto fabric, or wiring it into place in an assemblage. Now you can make the hole perfectly sized to the connecting material - no more giant holes all over your artwork.

I've had my pin drills manufactured without the annoying spring that is commonly found on this tool. Without the spring, the drill is gentle and responsive, allowing holes to be drilled in fragile or delicate materials (eggshell, anyone?), as well as heavy items like coins, etc.

Copy and paste the YouTube link below into your browser to see the pin drill in action. It's a silent excerpt from my TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists DVD Workshop, also available from this site.


Look on this site for the 'Miniature Drill Bits' that are used with this tool.