Large Round-Nose Pliers

Large Round-Nose Pliers

Large 7" Round-Nose Pliers

For years - yes, years - I've been threatening to source these to sell to workshop participants. They are just incredibly hard to find, no matter on which side of the earth you reside.

Easy and comfortable in the hand, these babies offer plenty of grunt to manipulate larger or harder wire than your small jewelry round-nose pliers can handle.

This means that for steel, brass, nickel, bronze and even heavy gauge copper or silver, they simply can't be beat. Additionally, the round jaws taper up to a larger size than smaller round-nose pliers, too - so larger loops and curves can be made.

All of which is to say, if you work with wire, and/or you have taken or are even thinking of taking a workshop with Yours Truly,
you owe it to Yourself to have these in your toolbox!