Keith Lo Bue's 4-FOR-$399 Workshop Sale!

Keith Lo Bue's 4-FOR-$399 Workshop Sale!
On sale

Keith Lo Bue’s "4 FOR $399" SALE

Here is your chance to save $150 off the individual prices of purchasing all four of my available DVD workshops sets!

Totalling a whopping 23 HOURS of video, each workshop breaks its subject down into easy to follow, informal sessions that are PACKED with essential information to fully enable your creative explorations.

Included in this comprehensive set:

• TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Essential Tools for Artists (3 hours)
Practical, detailed and intimate demonstrations of drilling, shaping and finishing a whole host of materials used for art-making, including metal, wood, plastic, mica, bone, stone, glass, ceramic and shell, safely and efficiently.

• POETRY IN MOTION: Making Marvelous Mobiles (8.5 hours)
Discover and explore the fantastic, kinetic world of the mobile. Create both hanging and table-standing mobiles that spin, wobble, dart and drift, seemingly defying gravity. A minimum of tools and materials are needed to create complex mobiles of wire, metal, wood, paper - even found objects!

• GETTING ATTACHED: Rivets Revealed! (5 hours)
If you're in the habit of reaching for glue when putting things together, prepare yourself for a game-changer! Whether you are making jewelry, sculpture or even fixing a broken object, there will be a rivet method shown here aligned perfectly to your needs. And you'll be amazed at the range of materials that can be riveted: metal, wood, plastic – and even glass, ceramic, paper and stone! No previous metalworking experience is necessary to create these amazing connections.

• PAPER IT OVER: Collaging the Found Object (6 hours)
Leap off of the two-dimensional collage surface and attach to, encase and embellish the wide world of dimensional objects! You'll learn the proper - and archival - methods of adhering new and antique papers - plus a lot more - to metal, glass, plastic, wood and much more. Whether you love jewelry, sculpture, painting, collage, or simply want to give your artwork a shot in the arm, join Keith to paper it over!

To learn more about each workshop:

Tools of the Trade: https://www.keithlobue.com/product/tools-of-the-trade-essential-tools-for-artists-special-sale-edition

Poetry in Motion: https://www.keithlobue.com/product/poetry-in-motion-making-marvelous-mobiles-dvd-workshop-set

Getting Attached: https://www.keithlobue.com/product/getting-attached-rivets-revealed-new-dvd-workshop

Paper it Over: https://www.keithlobue.com/product/paper-it-over-collaging-the-found-object