Hedge Maze: Into the Creative Process

The choices we make in our creativity set a process in motion that can be equally thrilling, intriguing, personal and mysterious. In his latest art-making video workshop, you'll follow renowned found-object 'stuffsmith' Keith Lo Bue into the sanctum of his studio as he fearlessly ventures into the creative unknown, revealing secrets and insights into the creative process.

How often are you able to sit back and really see an artist's imagination play out in real time? Here's the chance to do just that, and so much more.

A workshop like no other, where the only supplies required are your eyes and your curiosity, Hedge Maze departs from the usual how-to format and takes you directly into the creative moment, where inspiration and chance meet. It's a rare and intimate opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience or background, to witness a lifelong maker at work. Through Keith's successes and failures, you'll ignite your own imagination and creativity.

Stretching over 17 short episodes totalling 4.5 hours, Hedge Maze will immerse you in Keith’s decision-making philosophy and open up your own avenues of creative possibility. You’ll have private video links provided so you can watch it freely and as often as you’d like. Watch one 12-minute segment or binge-watch for an evening or three.

Entertaining, engaging and fun to watch while challenging his and your expectations, Keith coaxes new life from old materials and can spark you to do the same. Come let him be your guide through the maze!

After purchasing, please allow up to 24 hours for your email to be sent with your private video links.