Glue Syringe with Cap (filled)

Glue Syringe with Cap (filled)

This is the glue-filled syringe described below, especially for those Down Unda that have trouble finding the glue...

This 30cc (30ml/1oz.) syringe is the one I've crowed about for decades in my workshops, and until now has been very hard to source.
Although you can use it for any adhesive you prefer, I have long advocated it to hold the water-based caulking/sealant that I recommend as an adhesive and so much more in my found-object workshops.

The tiny tip makes it an excellent applicator to apply small amounts in tight spaces. What makes it so great is that the snap-down cap ensures that you can store the sealant inside for years without it drying out (as long as you always replace the cap right after use!).

In the US, the brand of caulking I recommend ('DAP Kwik-Seal') comes in a large squeezeable tube, which can decant easily into this syringe
and then top-up as necessary. The empty syringe can be found for sale on this site.

Those in Australia have a harder time of finding the equivalent glue - the only one sold in AU is 'Fuller Ultra-Clear', and it only comes in a
full-size caulking-gun tube, so it simply must be decanted into a syringe for use in artwork. And sadly, it seems to be getting harder to find, as Selley's pushes into more stores.