GETTING ATTACHED - Riveting Package

GETTING ATTACHED - Riveting Package
On sale

Here are all the tools I sell for the riveting class in one package. (Note - there are other tools for the class that I don't carry, please refer to the list). Perfect for those who don't have any of these tools. Separately these tools would come to $190, so you'll save $30 by ordering this package!

Package contains:

Slimline Automatic Center Punch
Rivet-Making Steel Hand Vise - 4"
Memory Wire Cutter
Miniature Archimedes Pin Drill
Miniature Drill Bits
Super-Fine Polishing Papers
Roll of 16-gauge steel wire
Roll of 19-gauge steel wire
Miniature Linesman Pliers
Reinforced cut-off wheel

Note: Remaining supplies for the class, which I do not stock, can be found on my supply list here.: